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THE MOMENT — Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts

  • Date:2015-09-29

THE MOMENT-Contemporary Taiwanese American Arts is co-curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei) and Taiwan American Art Council as a part of the Taiwan and America Art Festival in New York. It has a site specific project and a themed group exhibition. The site specific project will exhibit art works in Flushing Meadows Corona Park starting from 27th September to 23rd November. The themed group exhibition will take place at the Tenri Cultural Institute of New York from 30th September to 29th October. The themed exhibition is designed to introduce and share local audience with the latest development of contemporary art in Taiwan.

MoCA, Taipei has invited ten artists from Taiwan, plus forty New York-based Taiwanese artists, to co-create its first show of contemporary art of Taiwan in New York. It is not only an artistic reunion but also a large-scale project that combines international collaboration between museums, cities and cross disciplines. The site specific project and the themed exhibition mainly curated and organized by MOCA, aim to initiate dialogues and exchanges between Taiwan, art circle in New York and the public.

The exhibition shows a wide range of media and creative ways of using ordinary objects by the ten artists. Yahon Chang’s contemporary ink paintings and sculptures, Kuang-yu Lee’s bronze sculpture, Wen-fu Yu’s installations of bamboo sticks and feather paintings, Candy Bird’s graffiti and installations, Zan-lun Huang’s video and acrylic paintings, Hsiao-hua Wang’s ready-made objects and mixed media works, Pey-chwen Lin’s new media installations, Dondon Houmwm’s video installations, Yi-li Yeh’s performance and installations, and Wei-hui Hsu’s sculptures made with facial masks.

Different interests and focuses of the artists are also seen in the exhibition. Yahon Chang takes a closer look at human life through human faces. Kuang-yu Lee’s works go beyond the materialism and search for a spiritual inspiration. Wen-fu Yu deploys the bamboo sticks and gives Flushing Meadows Corona Park an exotic flavor. He also uses feather ink painting to delineate his imagination of politics and economy. Candy Bird has been interested in cultures of local communities. He creates his view of New York City with gratifies. Zan-Lun Huang’s video and graphic works investigate the relationship between individuals and their surroundings. Hsiao-hua Wang creates her works with ready-made objects found in Taiwan and New York. Pey-chwen Lin utilizes the virtual images of the endemic butterflies in Taiwan to raise people’s awareness of the environment. Dondon Houmwm depicts his wandering and inner changes as he detaches himself from the indigenous home land to modern metropolitans. Bringing rice bowls and an electric pot from Taiwan, Yi-li Yeh conducts performances to discuss the frame of mind and struggling to survive as an artist. Wei-hui Hsu shows difficulties as being modern women by emphasizing a mess unbalance between numerous tiny female soldiers who carry a gigantic ball. The ten artists represent the thriving development of contemporary art in Taiwan. Their arts examine and cover a wide spectrum of subjects from the issues of the island, Taiwan to the Global.

This exhibition is co-curated by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (MOCA Taipei) and Taiwan American Art Council, sponsored by the Ministry of foreign Affairs, supported by the Taipei cultural Center of TECO in New York.

Exhibition Information:
2015/9/27-2015/11/23 Flushing Meadows Corona Park
2015/9/27-2015/12/28 Taiwan Center
2015/9/30-2015/10/29 Tenri Cultural Institute
Photo Calls: 2015/10/02 3:00pm
Opening Reception: 2015/10/02 6:00pm

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Contact Information:
Miss. San Chen
Head of Education and Communication Department
Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei