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Taipei Fine Arts Museum and SculptureCenter Present "Small World Cinema"

  • Date:2024-01-18

Small World Cinema

Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) will collaborate with SculptureCenter in New York to present "Small World Cinema," featuring the Cinema Program and selected video works from the Taipei Biennial 2023 titled "Small World." The exhibition will be held at SculptureCenter from January 25 to March 25, showcasing over 20 video works by various artists, including Li Yi-Fan, Su Yu-Hsin, Yin-Ju Chen, Wang Ya-Hui, Jen Liu, and C. Spencer Yeh.

Curated by Taiwanese curator Freya Chou, senior writer and editor from New York Brian Kuan Wood, and Director of Beirut Art Center Reem Shadid, the Taipei Biennial 2023 brings together 58 international and local artists and musicians from over 20 cities. It transforms the museum into a space of listening, gathering, improvising, and exploring alternative ways to perceive and apply lessons learned from the recent pandemic.

Sohrab Mohebbi, Director of SculptureCenter, visited Taiwan to experience the 13th Taipei Biennale and was deeply moved by its theme. He extended an invitation to showcase parts of it in New York. The overarching theme of "Small World" in the Taipei Biennial 2023 explores the promise of greater control over one's life and the threat of isolation from a larger community. This concept mirrors the dynamic nature of our world, where proximity brings us closer, but distance can also make it smaller.

"Small World Cinema" is set against this backdrop, featuring four programs across SculptureCenter's lower-level galleries. The exhibition spans works from 1981 to 2023, including Wang Ya-Hui's enchanting "Visitor" (2007), where a cloud visits the artist's grandparents' home. Oleksiy Radynski's 2022 feature film "Infinity According to Florian" follows a modernist polymath in Kyiv confronting a property developer attempting to attach a shopping mall to his utopian architecture. Jumana Manna's beautifully shot 2022 feature film "Foragers" explores the conflict between the State of Israel's legal administration of nature and Palestinians' understanding of the land as a source of nourishment and a part of their bodies. Tekla Aslanishvili's 2022 "A State in a State" delves into the role of railroad infrastructure as a tool for solidarity and sabotage.

Join us from January 25 to March 25 for an immersive exploration of "Small World Cinema" at SculptureCenter in New York. For more information, please visit