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Taiwanese Curator Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu Selected for ICI’s Curatorial Intensive Indonesia 2024

  • Date:2024-01-31

Taiwanese Curator Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu Selected for ICI’s Curatorial Intensive Indonesia 2024

Taiwanese independent curator Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu has been chosen as one of 14 participants for the Curatorial Intensive Indonesia 2024, organized by Independent Curators International (ICI) and supported by the Taipei Cultural Center in New York. This enriching program is scheduled to take place from February 26 to March 6 in Yogyakarta and Bali, Indonesia.

With a background spanning literature, cultural studies, and curatorial studies, Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu’s involvement extends across artistic and cultural research, writing, curation, and management. Her primary focus lies in fostering collective, socially conscious, and multidisciplinary artistic initiatives within Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region. Noteworthy among her recent endeavors is the research and curatorial project titled 'Not Just Love Stories.' This project explores the affective dimensions of art during times of migration, seamlessly integrating visual art and literature. Fiona has actively engaged Southeast Asian migrant communities in Taiwan. Since 2022, she has co-initiated 'TAI - Transnational Artistic Intervention' in collaboration with Thailand's Prayoon for Art Foundation, as part of the Loei Art Festival. This collaborative effort unites cross-disciplinary artists and researchers to address community changes and sustainable development, exemplified by the establishment of an art library/learning center in Dansai, Isan, in 2023.

ICI, through its Curatorial Intensive, empowers curators by fostering experimentation, collaboration, and international engagement. The program supports emerging curators by providing a platform for professionals to acquire new skills and gain diverse perspectives on curatorial practices. Since its inception in 2010, the Curatorial Intensive has been hosted in over 25 cities worldwide, benefiting 500 curators from 70 countries and building an unparalleled network of dynamic Curatorial Intensive Alumni.

The Ministry of Culture (MOC) in Taiwan actively promotes cultural cooperation with Southeast Asia, South Asian and Asia-Pacific countries (New Southbound countries), encouraging connections among artists in these regions. Focused on multiculturalism, MOC aims to form partnerships with New Southbound countries for a regional renaissance. This collaboration marks the second partnership between the Taipei Cultural Center in New York and ICI. With the participation of Taiwanese curator Yu-Lun (Fiona) Hsu and curators from around the world, this collaboration will strengthen the interaction between art communities in Southeast Asia and facilitate discussions on common values and issues. Through carefully designed courses and networking opportunities, the initiative aims to assist curators in the early stages of their careers in connecting with the international curatorial community.