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Hypothesis Voyager by LIN Tzu-Huan 林子桓《假想旅行者》

  • Date:2023-06-23

Hypothesis Voyager is a unique road trip movie that combines social theory with a journey through the American West. The film takes viewers on a time-traveling adventure by seamlessly weaving together images from the past and present. Scenes from ancient caves, modern art museums, volcanoes, meteor craters, and the Western wilderness are intertwined in a loop that runs through the film’s timeline. The loop of social interaction hinders the progression of the images (life), and the only way to break free is to explore the hidden truths buried deep within us.

About the Artist

Born in 1986, LIN Tzu-Huan is an artist based in Brooklyn. His art primarily focuses on narrative film and immersive installation, exploring different facets of art and issues about the digital age by working with issues that deal with various occurrences. Mythology, history, scientific theories, pseudo-documentary films, and experimental films are some con- tents dealt with in his artworks and also the approaches he employs. His work was screened at Flux at ARoS at the ARoS, Aarhus Art Museum, Denmark (2021), and he has participated other exhibitions in recently include: Taipei Fine Art Award (2021), 01_Love - Digital Art Festival Taipei (2020).