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Two Taiwanese brands Oqliq and INF to have their on-line Fashion Shows at 21AW NYFW

  • Date:2021-02-24

Two Taiwanese fashion brands, Oqliq and INF, were featured at 21 AW New York Fashion Week (NYFW) this February. Due to COVID-19, the NYFW fashion shows are taking place online from February 14 to 18 and there will be more events happening until April. Both Oqliq and INF showcased their latest collection with videos that bring Taiwanese nostalgic scenes to the global audiences.

Oqliq, founded by Orbit Lin(林家豪)and Kay Houng(洪琪) in Tainan, Taiwan, returns to NYFW with a digital presentation in which a virtual city constructed by möbiusband is the central inspiration where the daily life and street scenes of Taiwan are merged within. It’s a cyberpunk futuristic city where home is still home, yet people have been transformed into Mahjong cyborgs.

INF, founded by Taichung-born designer Kuo Wei (郭瑋), has its debut in NYFW's official line-up in 2021. The digital presentation is themed "Time Machine" and features retro-style garments with a modern twist and the versatility INF clothing is known for, according to the brand. In keeping with the theme, INF's video is set in a traditional Taiwanese grocery store run by an old lady, played by Chen Shu-fang(陳淑芳), The 57th Golden Horse Award Best Leading Actress.

Please enjoy the videos below:

 OqLiq 21AW @NYFW :
 INF Time Machine :