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  • Date:2008-09-10

August 1 - 6, 2008
Reception: Friday, August 1, from 6pm to 8pm

Opening Reception

The Taipei Cultural Center of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in New York will hold an Opening Reception for "Embroidery Art Exhibition of Heng-Ju Lu-Enjoy and Playing Line" on the 2nd Floor, at TECO from 6 pm to 8pm on August 1 (Friday). The Exhibition displays unique styles of creative works of innovation and ingenuity, linking with the design associated with Taiwanese art and living, which were done by a lecturer and researcher, Ms. Heng-Ju Lu, from Tainan University of Technology, Taiwan, ROC. The creative works of living arts and delicate skills are exhibited for the first time in New York from August 1 to August 6.

Tainan University of Technology underlines"Cultural Innovation"as its core theme of development, and educates and trains the professionals of cultural technology to meet the needs of the society and the industry by structuring cultural innovation's solid foundation and international exchange programs. Ms. Lu is a full-time lecturer and researcher at both "Department of Fashion Design and Management" and "International Embroidery Research and Development Center" at Tainan University of Technology. She teaches embroidery techniques, knitting fabric design and other technique application programs related to fashion design. In addition to teaching, Ms. Lu also presents various types of research works of innovative design on a regular basis.

The Exhibition takes "Enjoy and Playing Line" as its motive, and comes up with dozens of exquisite works, including "Flower Dragonfly", "Flower Interest", "Autumn Path", "Flowery", "Flower Fall", "Dandelion", "Winter Mood", "Multiple Geographic", "Garden", "Colorful Embroidery", "Line Fate", and "Forest Path", etc... Each work mainly uses thread substance for its design material. With various types of thread substance, the works are well presented at their diverse appearance by combining living art and multiple techniques of embroidery or felting. In addition to embroidery techniques, including Machine Work, Drawn Work, Needle Weaving, Line Stitch, Canvas Stitch, and Knots Stitch, the mixing design of water-based fabric and felt material is also employed to complete two innovative fashion design attires-"Line Fate" and "Forest Path". All the works catch the elements of art, living, and innovative design, and display the design concepts of cultural innovation and living art. The Exhibition is expected to demonstrate the creativity and ingenuity of the innovative works blending Taiwanese art and living to the International Community in New York.

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