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  • Date:2011-10-21

September 3, 2011 - October 24, 2011
Instituto Cultural de México, San Antonio
600 Hemisfair Park, San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 2270123
Curator: Michael Mehl

Fairy tales are called fairy tales because they provide a clear, simple vision of reality and always end happily. As children, we were all told that prince and the princess lived happily ever after, and we were made to understand that marriage was synonymous with happiness. In Taiwan, the "compromise" inherent in marriage gives free rein to the values of the older generation. Society necessitates that women get married, and looking forward to an idealized dream provides a spiritual pillar for them.

Isa Ho dares to suggest that disillusionment with fairy tales is a common experience for modern women in Taiwan. As an artist, she is interested in the ways in which disillusionment with myths is an experience shared by all people. Both for women and men, there numerous ways in which contemporary Taiwanese society forces one to compromise. In her work, Ho takes a positive angle on this negative experience:? When people have to compromise, it is important that they adjust well psychologically, that their psyches keep pace with reality.? It is all too common that people sacrifice well-being in the moment for dreams of long-term happiness. If people approach compromise in this manner, it could give rise to social problems.