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Pixilerations [V.9]

  • Date:2012-10-05

Gallery Location

Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Cohen Gallery

at Brown University

154 angell Street, Providence, RI


October 11-21, 2012, noon-6pm

Artist’s talk:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

4:00 pm chung-Kun Wang, Zih-jing Wei and Jie-Lin Zhuang

More information:


Kong. Qi - installation (2009)

Acrylic, Solenoid Valve, Pneumatic Cylinder, Air Compressor

Taipei (Taiwan)


The series works of “Kong.Qi”are created to find other possible ways to discuss the human’s sense toward sound apart from hearing.

Sound comes from vibration, and transmits through specific media, and“air”is the premier medium for hearing. However, through our daily life experiences, we are able to find out we can sense the sound not only from hearing, but also through other body parts that feels the sound, such as the floor vibration when a truck passes by, or the low-frequency sound waving in a concert.

What’s so interesting about sounds is that one can be conscious of its awareness on the instant. This series of “touchable-sounds” works titled “Kong.Qi” transform sounds into another touchable substance by installing numerous valves.


Born in 1982, Taipei-based Wang Chung-Kun works across media art in the development of sound, sculpture, video, kinetic art and installation. He has created various forms of machinery that have consistently maintained an intriguing purity and peculiar sense of beauty. As viewers approach the work these machines operate on their own – making sound, switching on and off, exhaling, spinning or twinkling – each creation with its own variation of rhythm and multiple actions.


Archetype -Twitter Deformation Sculpture (2009)

Sodium acetate, Solenoid valve, Aluminum

Taipei (Taiwan)


” Archetype” forms a data sculpture which was constructed by the saturation and flow volume of Sodium acetate through computer program’s instant gathering of Twitter information. The collective behaviour from the social network from all over the world changes the shape of the art work in real time.

” Archetype” refers to people’s repetitive behavior, through continual accumulation to form a certain rule and desire. When we convert our acts into words, and write down all kinds of everyday happenings on Twitter, is it not a type of collective Internet behavior?

Is this not a form of ” Archetype”?

In this artwork, an attempt is made to sculpt the human Archetype via the instant gathering of information on Twitter.


JIE-LIN, ZHUANG and Zih-JIng,Wei are new media artists in Taiwan. Their works integrate various area, from dance, drama to chemical and network to create new experience.

They are both co-founders of the WHYIXD interactive installations company and engaged in new media art and interactive design.