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2014 Looking for LOHAS Talents-The “working holiday” Program of Gold Museum

  • Date:2013-12-12

Since the grand opening in 2004, the Gold Museum has been dedicated to preserving and revitalizing the mining cultural heritage in the Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen area. On a continuing basis, the aim of the program is to enhance the networking between local features and environmental resources and to fully present the integration of mining cultural heritage and history in the area.

In August 2012 the Gold Museum has firstly introduced the concept of “working holiday”, all the “LOHAS Talents” are invited to join the program in Jinguashi, which is one of the world-class landscapes in Taiwan. The program provides free accommodation in a Japanese Style Dormitory area. By joining the program all the LOHAS Talents can experience the atmosphere and the lifestyle in the old mine mountain through the interaction with the local artists.

This program will be launched again next year, in order to revitalize the old village and promote cultural and art development in the triangular area of Shuinandong-Jinguashi-Jiufen. The selected artists are welcome to choose any one of three periods to explore the festivities, creative works of the local artists and the full series of museum events in the area. The program aims to bring the visiting artists a step closer into the life in Jinguashi, to release them from the stress of the city life, and to unleash their power of creativity.

For application form please click here to download.