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I-Ting Hou and Liang-Pin Tsao participate in “Gift, exchange and collaboration” project to conclude their New York residency program

  • Date:2013-09-18

Exhibition event and Talk on Saturday, Sept. 21st, 2013 at 12-6PM

Residency Unlimited (360 Court St. Unit #4 Brooklyn, NY 11231)

Gift, exchange and collaboration
While one could argue that the work of Tashi Brauen (Switzerland), I-Ting Hou (Taiwan), Avigail Talmor (Israel) and Liang-Pin Tsao (Taiwan) share a documentary impulse in their work or present a savvy investigation of subject/object relations, such common threads negate the inherent characteristics and unique quality of their respective practices.

In lieu of presenting a thematic group exhibition, the artists have opted to collaborate on a project. During the planning process, each production meeting began with the exchange of a gift – material or conceptual–that represented aspects of their individual practices and backgrounds. Consequently, the artists will present a collaborative relay project, in which the discussions revolving around gifts, both cultural and artistic exchange, serve as the parameters.

A conversation, moderated by curator Rachel Gugelberger, will focus on their collaborative process, specifically the challenges they may have faced; issues of self-imposed restraint and creation; the possibility for a prolonged meditation on their respective themes or the potentially liberating deviations from their work to date.