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Flapping Wings in the High Sky of Poetics

  • Date:2013-02-28

Taiwanese artist Rachel (Ruo-Xuan) is exhibiting in the Art Expo New York 2013, a grand art event, since March 21. The artist’s passion in her oil painting works, including “Intoxicated in Spring”, “Phoenix” and “Cherry Blossom” that explore the nature of beings with striking tension in compositions and colors, is going to move the spectators.

Rachel’s art represents her experience and feelings, her assiduous experiments on unbounded styles of creation with various mediums make her most able to present the reciprocal sensibility between the movements of her body and the color chunks on canvas. The unique texture with a sense of time on Rachel’s paintings are created through repeating strokes, bringing spectators into her dreams full with flashes of moments in life during the encounters of imagination and reality.

Rachel’s abstract paintings are called magical realism by art critic Huang Yuan-Ching, “The inner nature of oriental women, their delicate love and obscure but endless thoughts are slowly but weightlessly sung, like glistening mercury flows; sometimes near, sometimes remote. It seems accessible but actually far away...” Rachel said that her art is “not just the poetry or dreams, but also the reality”. Through painting, the artist immerses herself into the subjects she draws based on the philosophy of Lao Tzi and Chung Tzi, the two greatest Chinese philosophers. The flowing spaces on canvas and the world in one’s soul are therefore set to fly. It is the reason why in the very competitive society of contemporary art, Rachel is praised as an oriental surrealist artist.

Rachel's solo exhibition is a feast of beauty, the audience will be able to feel the truthful power of oriental aesthetics in a western cultural occasion. We cordially invite you to join us, we are more than happy to share this precious wonderfulness with you and are honored to share your views.