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Taiwanese VR Artist Wen-Yee Hsieh makes 2nd entry at Tribeca Film Festival

  • Date:2024-06-04

Two works co-created by emerging Taiwanese artist Wen-Yee Hsieh and producer Sebox Hong, titled THE GREAT FILTER and INVISIBLE THEM, have been selected for the 2024 Tribeca Film Festival's immersive program. These innovative art pieces will premiere at the new immersive venue Mercer Labs in New York from June 6 to 17.

Director Wen-Yee Hsieh’s debut work LIMBOTOPIA in VR was recognized at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2022 and selected for the New Voices section of the immersive works category, and then won the grand prize at the Czech International Animation Festival. Upon receiving Tribeca’s recognition once again this year, he expressed, "Exhibiting in such a significant region and location is of great importance to me. I am particularly grateful to Tribeca’s curators Ana Brzezińska and Deputy Director Casey Baltes, and the entire Tribeca team. This is a monumental challenge and trust, a large-scale experiment distinct from current virtual reality; blending the virtual and real worlds, and the individual's experience within the collective has been a theme I have contemplated in recent years."

THE GREAT FILTER explores humanity's choice between civilization development and self-destruction, depicting how an independent individual navigates within a flawed collective environment without being drawn into an endless hollow vortex, crossing an indefinable boundary. INVISIBLE THEM portrays art itself as an expression of the unconscious and subconscious, simultaneously alluding to marginalized and ignored groups in society. It connects distant souls, allowing them to hear each other's calls, but these gatherings can also be dangerous. Through immersive experiences, audiences will profoundly feel the impact and reflections these themes evoke.

Now in its 13th year, the Tribeca Film Festival’s immersive exhibition will run from June 6-17 at Mercer Labs, the newly-opened museum of art and technology, at 21 Dey Street in lower Manhattan. The exhibit will feature eight exclusive large-scale immersive artworks from six artists – Memo Akten, Wen-Yee Hsieh, Scan LAB Projects, Robertina Šebjanič, Liam Young, and Sutu. Each piece represents a distinct creative style, originating from artists whose expertise spans architecture, film, animation, sculpture, theater, dance, music, and audio.

"At Tribeca, we've transformed our immersive offerings to meet the growing demand for expansive experiences," said Tribeca Co-Founder and CEO Jane Rosenthal. Curator Ana Brzezińska stated, "This year's uniqueness lies in the fact that, despite the artists' vastly different practices, there is an undeniable melancholy in the experiences we collectively offer the audience. It flows through each piece, contrasting with the things we are taught to appreciate in the 21st century."

For more information, please visit:

The Great Filter|Official Selection - Immersive|Taiwan|7 MINUTES

Sound Design|Aaron WUu

Key Collaborator|Wu Hung (Sebox Hong)

Project Creator|Wen Yee Hsieh

Invisible Them|Official Selection - Immersive|Taiwan R.O.C.|3 MINUTES

Sound Design|Aaron Wu

Producer|Wu Hung (Sebox Hong)

Project Creator|Wen Yee Hsieh

Dates: June 6 – 17,2024

Location: Mercer Labs - 21 Day Street, New York, NY 10007

For hours and tickets:

Free Talks|The Extended Life of Virtual Reality Storytelling


Sutu (While We Wait)

Wen-Yee Hsieh, Sebox Hong (The Great Filter, Invisible Them)

Matt Shaw, meriko borogove (FRAMERATE: Rhythms Around Us)


Ana Brzezinska (Tribeca Immersive Curator)

Dates: 5:00 PM, June 08,2024 

Location: Spring Studios AT&T Lounge

50 Varick Street, NY 10013

Free with tickets: