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Peoples’ Movements: Sunflower 10th Year Anniversary Art Exhibition on Display at Governors Island

  • Date:2024-05-17

"Peoples’ Movements: Sunflower 10th Year Anniversary " art exhibition will be on display at Governors Island in New York City, running from May 10 to June 9, 2024. Organized by the Taiwanese American Arts Council (TAAC) and supported by the SPOTLIGHT TAIWAN PROJECT of Taiwan's Ministry of Culture, this exhibition brings together the creative voices of over a dozen artists across various mediums like sculpture, photography, installation, and painting. These artistic expressions serve as reflections on grassroots political movements globally, with a particular focus on those catalyzed by youth around 2014.

This exhibition marks a decade since the Sunflower Movement, a pivotal event that sparked societal shifts in Taiwan, along with other movements like the Arab Spring, Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement, Chile's Winter protests, and Ukraine's Euromaidan Movement. 

The exhibition features various artworks by Taiwanese artists commemorating the Sunflower Movement. Among them is a large-scale acrylic painting titled "Illuminating Darkness" by Taiwanese artist Tsung-Jung Liu, which depicts a sunflower field within the Legislative Yuan floor, symbolizing hope amid the dark days of occupation. Ching-yuan Chen, representing the Island Sunrise Team, presents a series of portraits capturing participants of the Sunrise Movement, immortalizing that pivotal moment in history. Photographer Enbion Micah Aan contributes a collection of documentary photographs showcasing social movements on the streets of New York, shedding light on issues such as race, labor, animal rights, gender equality, and the active involvement of female protesters. Additionally, sculptor Chia-Hsuan Kuo presents a bust of Dr. Lai Ching-Te, offering a sincere and lifelike portrayal of the politician.

Other notable pieces include Kacey Wong’s documentation of the Umbrella Movement, Kevork Mourad’s "Four Acts for Syria" video animation, María Verónica San Martín's depiction of Chilean Winter, and Oleksii Koval's commentary on the pro-EU revolution in Ukraine. Additionally, Shib-pao Lin's One Pray, One Painting project supporting Ukraine's humanitarian efforts is showcased.

Luchia Meihua Lee, the Executive Director of TAAC and curator of the exhibition illustrates that this exhibition serves as a tribute to the youth-led movements of a decade ago, highlighting both their commonalities and distinctiveness. It underscores the continuous role of people's movements in fostering societal dialogue and change. Through these discussions, insights into governmental adaptation for societal betterment are gleaned. The exhibition acknowledges the contributions of professional artists to the Sunflower Movement and celebrates the bravery of young activists worldwide.

For further information regarding the exhibition and associated events, please visit:

"Peoples’ Movements: Sunflower 10th Year Anniversary " Art Exhibition

Venue: House 7b, Nolan Park on Governors Island, New York 

Opening Reception: May 18, 2024, from 2 to 5 p.m.

Guided Tour: May 18, 1-4 p.m.

Exhibition Dates: May 10 - June 9,2024


The SPOTLIGHT TAIWAN PROJECT aims to promote Taiwanese cultural and artistic works internationally, supporting various forms of artistic expression such as film, literature, music, performing arts, and visual arts. It seeks to enhance awareness and appreciation of Taiwanese culture and creativity globally by facilitating the distribution, exhibition, and collaboration of Taiwanese artists and their works with international partners and audiences.