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Taiwanese Jewelry Designers Amal Chao, Min-Ling Hsieh and Huiyu Chiu Make Debut Appearance at MAD About Jewelry

  • Date:2024-04-25

HUIYU CHIU - Statement Orchid Necklace no.1, Silver 925

MAD About Jewelry, an event hosted by the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), is set to captivate audiences from May 4 to 8. This year's edition will showcase the talent of 50 designers from across the globe, inviting the public to indulge in a five-day spectacle while supporting the Museum's ongoing exhibitions and educational initiatives. Among the esteemed participants are Taiwanese jewelry designers Amal Chao, Min-Ling Hsieh and Huiyu Chiu, marking their inaugural presence at this annual showcase of innovative contemporary jewelry alongside some of the world's most imaginative artists.

Amal Chao, an assistant professor of Applied Arts at Tainan National University of the Arts, introduces her innovative approach at the event, specializing in the use of corrugated iron—a material typically reserved for roofing—in her latest collection. Drawing inspiration from architectural structures, Chao crafts pieces that offer a sense of security and comfort to the wearer, reflecting the vibrancy of life they embody. Her works have been showcased in prestigious exhibitions such as Jewelry Week in New York, Galerie Kobeia in Munich, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei.

Similarly, Min-Ling Hsieh, another talented Taiwanese designer, infuses her creations with Eastern philosophical wisdom, exploring the concept of nonexistence through ethereal forms and spatial dynamics. Working primarily with jade juxtaposed against intricately perforated silver, Hsieh employs subtractive techniques, transforming rigid metal into weightless elegance. Her pieces have graced exhibitions at Milan Design Week and Taipei Fashion Week, captivating audiences with their transcendent beauty.

Adding to the Taiwanese presence is Huiyu Chiu, whose work draws inspiration from the perpetual cycles of nature: germination, growth, blooming, wilting, fruiting, and rebirth. Using silk paper and silver, Chiu employs classic metalsmithing techniques to create jewelry that embodies the essence of these natural rhythms. Her creations have been featured in esteemed exhibitions including CONTEMPORANIA Barcelona High Craftsmanship, SIERAAD International Art Fair in Amsterdam, and Collectiva Meeting in Porto.

The exhibits showcased at this year's MAD About Jewelry reflect contemporary themes, with sustainability taking center stage. Many designers, including Amal Chao, ingeniously repurpose materials to craft captivating designs, aligning with the ethos of environmental consciousness.

For further details about MAD About Jewelry, please visit:

MAD About Jewelry

Venue: Museum of Arts and Design (2 Columbus Circle, New York)

Opening Hours: May 5-8 2024, 10 am to 6 pm

Free admission with MAD entry      

Artists' Websites:

Amal Chao

Min-Ling Hsieh

Huiyu Chiu