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Taiwanese Poet Tian Pin Hui(田品回)to Participate in VSC Residency Program

  • Date:2023-07-31

Netherlands-based Taiwanese poet Tian Pin Hui will participate in the Vermont Studio Center (VSC) residency program this August. During her residency, Tian Pin Hui will work on her ongoing Broiler-Man project, which serves as “a verse for future humans.” Taking the form of poetry, Broiler-Man explores the relationship between humans and animals, including the concepts of sentience, zoonosis, captivity, and the Five Freedoms of animal welfare, among others.

Tian Pin Hui’s writings have been published in various poetry journals and literary magazines. Her short story has been adapted into a short film for the Golden Horse Film Academy, and her book of poetry Electricity Here Brightens the Lights There (這裡的電亮那裡的光) was shortlisted for the 2021 Openbook Award in Taiwan. Tian Pin Hui was also the recipient of the Ling Rong San Literature Award for Short Story in 2018, and she was awarded the Taiwanese Poet’s Wandering Project (臺灣詩人流浪計畫) in 2016.

The VSC was founded in 1984 to provide residencies in Johnson, Vermont, to exceptional writers and artists from around the world. The VSC buildings, many of them historic Vermont landmarks, overlook the Gihon River in the Green Mountains.

VSC residents are provided with a safe, equitable, and supportive environment to produce new work, solve artistic problems, cultivate connections, spark creative breakthroughs, and give presentations. Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture has partnered with the VSC since 2013 to support Taiwanese writers in the program.

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Photo Courtesy of Tian Pin Hui