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howdoyouturnthison by LI Yi Fan 李亦凡《不好意思…請問一下這個怎麼打開》

  • Date:2023-06-23

LI Yi Fan’s howdoyouturnthison responds to the genes of the digital age and its mutated memories with unique black humor. Behind the seemingly absurd and eccentric images, a fascinating narrative technique and its script are constructed. LI overturns the historical toolbox of "machinima," skillfully manipulating his avatar that wriggles without physical constraints. The ghost in the shell stimulates the viewer's bodily perception, and its murmured confessions draw everyone to unconsciously enter the inner world of image production. The mutual generation of post-human body and virtual reality modeling language (VRML) reflexively exposes the alternative reality of the Internet generation, releasing the becoming of images and liberating the narrative language.

About the Artist

Born in 1989, LI Yi-Fan currently lives and works in Taipei. He earned his MFA from the Department of New Media Art, National Taiwan University of Arts. His recent exhibition presence includes Taipei Biennial (2023), Asian Art Biennial (2021), Digital Arts Festival, Taipei (2020), and Taiwan Art Biennial (2020).

IG: @liyifanyifanli