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Taipei Cultural Center’s 30th Anniversary-To Good Old Friends
This year marks the 30th anniversary of our center. Since the Taipei Cultural Center’s founding in 1991, we have been blessed to work with so many wonderful local organizations. Inspired by these meaningful partnerships, we decided to embark on a journey and visit some of our friends. It has turned out to be a memorable experience, while also leading to new discoveries.

For decades, our longtime friends have supported dance creation, enhanced the professional development of artists, invited visiting writers to mentor residents, and continued to introduce vibrant, vital, and inclusive voices through Taiwanese films. For this special occasion, they were invited to share their observations on working with us to produce a variety of programs. The interviewees view it as an opportunity to learn from each other and they were able to describe the typical characteristics of Taiwanese artists who participate in the programs. Moreover, they reveal materials that have been stored at their institutions for a long time, providing vivid images of our center’s past. These observations have furthered our appreciation for our work, our partners, and the positive impact that we can make together.

To thank our friends for 30 years of companion and support, we have prepared 4 short films under the title To Good Old Friends (Episode 1, 2, 3 and 4). We would also like to invite you to celebrate this exciting occasion with us. To see the videos, please visit our center’s website, Facebook page, or simple click each title below.

Episode 1: Throwback to 30 Years of Art Mission
Episode 2: Cheers to Taiwanese Artists
Episode 3: Crossing Over: The Taiwanese Art We Have Shared Abroad
Episode 4: Greetings from Good Old Frinds 

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