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TaiwanEYE - Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan Online Showcase【Lunar Halo】

In collaboration with Sigur Rós and Kjartan Holm in music, CHENG Tsung-lung’s LUNAR HALO provokes strong physiological arousal, making all our senses vibrate, and generates an exotic universe of bodily beauty and intellectual anxiety.

Watch Cloud Gate Dance Theatre |《Lunar Halo》

Photo by LIU Chen-hsiang

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TaiwanEYE - Taipei Li-Yuan Peking Opera Theatre Online Showcase【Lotus Lantern】

A star among stars in Peking Opera, Bao-chun Li specializes in both the "lao-sheng" (bearded man) and the "wu-sheng" (combating hero) roles. On top of a voice full of variety and velocity, his graceful body movements and adroitness in combating scenes enjoy wild acclamation.

Watch Taipei Li-Yuan Peking Opera Theatre |《Lotus Lantern》

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TaiwanEYE - Gang-a Tsui Theater Online Showcase【Passage to Lo-Jin】

Combined with Nanguan opera, the experimental play Passage to Lo-Jin is adapted from the first novel of Taiwan Trilogy. The story is about the life of a Liyuan opera performer, and the rise and fall of historical township Lugang.

Watch Gang-a-Tsui Theater |《Passage to Lo-Jin》

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TaiwanEYE - TAI Body Theatre Online Showcase【Terrace on the Hill】

Tai Body Theatre has transformed traditional percussion into “foot script” and developed new forms and aesthetics. The Truku artist Watan Tusi endeavors to recreate traditional indigenous culture with contemporary vitality with French accomplished percussionist Roland Auzet.

Watch TAI Body Theatre |《Terrace on the Hill》


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TaiwanEYE - Riverbed Theatre Online Showcase【Soft Lights for Sleepless Nights】

Soft Lights for Sleepless Nights take the audience on a surreal, image-based journey. Created in response to the social, political, racial, economic and sexual inequity that prompted large scale protests around the world during the summer of 2019.

Watch Riverbed Theatre |《Soft Lights for Sleepless Nights》

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Taiwan Indie Music: Winners of 2020 The 18th Independent Music Awards-FUTURE AFTER A SECONED
“Invert” won the best single in the metal/hardcore category from the album “OFiN,” at 18th Independent Music Awards in 2020. With this song, Taiwan metal band FUTURE AFTER A SECOND explores Taiwan’s international status and political issues through technically complex compositions featuring heavy distortion and powerful riffs.

♦Watch Remarks of the winner band FUTURE AFTER A SECOND, Best Single “Invert” (metal/hardcore category)

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Taiwan Indie Music: Winners of 2020 The 18th Independent Music Awards-EMERGE MUSIC
“EMERGE HOUSE BAND- Time” album won the Best Album Packaging in the design category, at the 18th Independent Music Awards in 2020. The trio, designer Li Jheng-han(李政翰), album producer Chen Hsin-hung (陳信宏) and Tai Hsiao-yin crafted the artwork for “Emerge House Band- Time,” juxtaposing dark elements of Taiwan’s past with symbols of its bright future on the album’s cover.

♦Watch Remarks of the winner team, Chen Hsin-hung and Li Jheng-Han.

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