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TaiwanEYE - Bulareyaung Dance Company Online Showcase【LUNA】

LUNA is a dance work studied from the inner indigenous culture, the piece not only combines perceptual emotion and ration thinking but also incorporates conventional culture with contemporary art.

Watch Bulareyaung Dance Company |《LUNA》

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TaiwanEYE - O-Kai Singers Online Showcase【Jazzy Indigene - The Purest Voice from Taiwan】

O-Kai Singers is an A Cappella group, featuring with indigenous music and jazz in Taiwanese indigenous languages, Mandarin and English. Their tribal cultures and spirit are delivered through their music to the audiences around the world. 

Watch O-Kai Singers |《Jazzy Indigene》

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TaiwanEYE - La Cie MaxMind Online Showcase【The Drought Goddess.Dream of the World】

The Drought GoddessDream of the World is a musical theater work that incorporates with Nanguan music, mythology, an invention “Mythological Language”, poetry, tap dance, masks and puppetry.

Watch La Cie MaxMind |《The Drought Goddess.Dream of the World》

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TaiwanEYE - HORSE Online Showcase【FreeSteps–NiNi】

FreeSteps–NiNi brings dancers out of the theater, where the temperature, lighting, and audience in the surroundings become part of the performance. The revolving of dancing steps and shadows on the bodies left by light all contribute to shaping a physical sculpture.

Watch HORSE |FreeSteps–NiNi

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TaiwanEYE - Resident Island Dance Theatre Online Showcase【Ice Age】

Ice Age is an international choreographic collaboration between Taiwanese Chung An Chang who lost his sight in his right eye and French Maylis Arrabit who dances (mostly) from her wheelchair. The piece explores the different ways that people support each other in their own cultural environments.

Watch Resident Island Dance Theatre |《Ice Age》

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Taiwan Jazz Music- Winners of 2020 The 18th Independent Music Awards- Skyline “Symphojazz”

Recognized for "City Explorations" in the "Jazz Producer" and "Symphojazz" in the "Live Performance Album" category, Skyline is among the 400 artists nominated in The 18th IMAs by fans and industry.

Watch Skyline “Symphojazz”

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Taiwan Indie Music- Winners of 2020 The 18th Independent Music Awards-Ian Chen “Soundtrack of FANTASTIC CREATURES”
Ian Chen, a Taiwanese-Canadian composer has won the Best Film / TV / Game Score at the 18th Independent Music Awards for his original soundtrack for the video game FANTASTIC CREATURES.

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