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Behind-the-Scenes: Creation of 13 Tongues | Episodes 2, 3, and 4
May 13 – May 23
Free Streaming available on Auditorium Theatre's YouTube and Facebook

Taipei Cultural Center in New York, in collaboration with Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan and Auditorium Theatre in Chicago, presents "Behind-the-Scenes: Creation of 13 Tongues" video series for the audience around the world in May.

Created by Cloud Gate's Artistic Director CHENG Tsung-lung (鄭宗龍), commissioned by National Theater & Concert Hall (Taipei), 13 Tongues is based on Cheng’s mother’s stories about a street artist in the 1960s named Thirteen Tongues. This legendary story-teller was said to portray multiple roles of all walks of life in Bangka (艋舺), the oldest district in Taipei City, rich with temples, religious rites, and festive parades. In this piece, CHENG transforms his childhood memory of the Taoist rites and bustling street life of Bangka into a fantasy world.

The creative team and dancers of 13 Tongues traveled from Taipei to Pingtung, visited temples, villages and old masters, in the "Behind-the-Scenes: Creation of 13 Tongues", choreographer CHENG Tsung-lung(鄭宗龍), music artist LIM Giong(林強), art design HE Jia-sing(何佳興), lighting design SHEN Po-hung(沈柏宏), projection design Ethan WANG(王奕盛), costume design LIN Bing-hao(林秉豪) talked about their inspirations and artistic concepts.

Auditorium Theatre CEO Rich Regan said, "The conclusion of this behind-the-scenes series is a fantastic look at 13 Tongues, and we look forward to welcoming dance fans to the theatre to watch this beautiful piece in 2022." Director of Taipei Cultural Center in New York Hui-Chun Chang(張惠君) added, "Behind-the-Scenes: Creation of 13 Tongues decrypts the making of a contemporary dance, and introduces the essence of Taiwanese arts and cultures in our daily life. I think it is meaningful that not only presenting Cloud Gate to the international stages, also sharing the rich and diverse cultures of Taiwan with the world".

Photo by LIU Chen-hsiang (劉振祥)

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Yu-Ling Chou (周郁齡)|Resident Curator, ISCP
Taipei Cultural Center in New York is very pleased to announce that Taiwanese curator, Yu-Ling Chou (周郁齡) starts her residency program, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn. She joins the program in April to witness the historical change in New York after a year of lockdown.

Chou Yu-Ling is a writer, researcher and curator, based in Taiwan. Graduated from Birkbeck college (The London Consortium), University of London in Humanities and Cultural Studies with Ph.D. Her area of research include visual culture, moving images’ curation,  exhibition-making of art history (especially focusing on Taiwan’s art history exhibitions after the late 80s) and curatorial methodology. She was the assistant curator in resident, CFCCA and was assistant curator of Asia Triennial Manchester: Harmonious Society (2014). In 2015 Chou joined the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art as a curator, where she curated Hardcore Rally with Hantoo Art Group (2017) and Wild Rhizome: 2018 Taiwan Biennial (with Gong Jow-Jiun) . Amongst other projects, Chou is also the curator of The Man with the Moving Projector – Kao Chung-li’s solo exhibition (2015, Peltz Gallery, Birkbeck, London) and curated Every Film is an Enigma: Moving Images in the Black Box and White Cube (2017, Soulangh Cultural Park, Tainan) with The Other Cinema Collective where she is one of the members. She was also a jury member for the Han Nefkens Foundation - Buk SeMA Korean Video Art Production Award 2019.

Founded in 1994, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) supports the creative development of artists and curators, and promotes exchange through residencies and public programs. Taipei Cultural Center in New York, the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan has worked with ISCP since 2000 to select and participate the program.

Photo, Yu-Ling Chou
Photo Courtesy of Yu-Ling Chou

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Shih-yu Hsu (徐詩雨) |Resident Curator, ISCP
Taipei Cultural Center in New York is very pleased to announce that Taiwanese curator, Shih-yu Hsu (徐詩雨) starts her residency program, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) in Brooklyn. Shih-yu Hsu, who is one of a few Taiwanese artists, joins the program since ISCP begins reopening to resident artists in March. During her residency at ISCP, she will begin her research on the fossil hall display at American Museum of Natural History in New York.

Shih-yu Hsu studied Communication Engineering and Visual Art Administration at National Central University in Taiwan and New York University. Her research field includes image, media and feminism. She co-founded bi-lingual online media art platform SCREEN in 2015 and was the executive assistant of Taiwan Pavilion in Venice Biennale 2017. Hsu is an independent researcher and writer. She was the curator at Taipei Contemporary Art Center in 2018-2021. Her writing on art has been published on several publications including, Artist Magazine, Art Investment, Leap and Yishu.

Founded in 1994, the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) supports the creative development of artists and curators, and promotes exchange through residencies and public programs. Taipei Cultural Center in New York, the Ministry of Culture in Taiwan has worked with ISCP since 2000 to select and participate the program.

Photo, Shih-yu Hsu
Photo Courtesy of Jalen Huang

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Su Hui-Yu’s《The White Waters》on ENCORE: PEFORMA 19 COMMISSIONS Radical Broadcast

Performa presents ENCORE, an in-depth full-length documentation of the Performa 19 Biennial on its Radical Broadcast. The series showcases ten Performa Commissions online, featuring Taiwanese artist Su Hui-Yu (蘇匯宇) among other international artists, including Korakrit Arunanondchai, boychild, and Alex Gvojic, Nairy Baghramian and Maria Hassabi, Cecilia Bengolea and Michèle Lamy, Tarik Kiswanson, Kia LaBeija, Éva Mag, Paul Pfeiffer, Yvonne Rainer with Emily Coates, and Samson Young.

These unique performances were captured on video by Performa’s team of cinematographers at sites across New York City including Harlem Parish, Castle Williams on Governor’s Island, the German Academy’s 1014 space on Fifth Avenue, the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House, The Apollo Theater, The Judson Gym, Abrons Arts Center, Deitch Projects, Performance Space New York, and Gelsey Kirkland Arts during Performa 19 Biennial.

Su Hui-Yu’sThe White Waters(2019) is a Performa Commission for Performa 19, co-commissioned with Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), part of the Taiwan Pavilion Without Walls, supported by Taipei Cultural Center in New York. Using large digital projections installed on a theater stage, Su’s dreamlike performance featured New York-based dance Liu- I-Ling moving between screens and interpreting the projected transgressive imagery that harkens back to both The Legend of the White Snake and Tian Qiyuan’s White Water (1993). One of the four classic Chinese folk tales written in the Ming Dynasty, The Legend of the White Snake is the story of a powerful snake demon who transforms into a beautiful woman so as to experience love, set on the idyllic lakes of Hangzhou, capital of the Southern Song Dynasty. White Water (1993), the work of Tian Qiyuan, Taiwan’s first openly gay and HIV-positive student, and co-founder of the experimental theater group Critical Point Theatre Phenomenon in the 1980s, reinterprets this folklore, drawing parallels to the suppression of queer communities in Taiwan. In Su’s re-imagining, queer histories are explored as the performer doubled and animated the sequences through both pre-recorded sequences and live video streaming. While invoking a sense of drowning and flooding, the performance imagined, out of violence, the birth of a future, and inclusive collective identity. *

ENCORE | program runs on a 24/7 loop

Streaming on until May 31, 2021
7AM/7PM EDT | The White Waters (2019) | Su Hui-Yu

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“Missing Pictures Episode 2: Tsai Ming-liang” to Have its World Premiere at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival

The Taiwanese-Franco-British co-production “Missing Pictures Episode 2: Tsai Ming-liang (大師狂想曲:蔡明亮)” will have its world premiere at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival and compete for two additional awards this season – Best Immersive Narrative and Best Creative Nonfiction Experience. This also marks the fourth consecutive year that a Taiwanese VR film has been selected for the Tribeca Film Festival.

"Missing Pictures Episode 2: Tsai Ming-liang" is the second installment in a series of documentary shorts. Directed by French director Clément Deneux and emerging Taiwanese director Kuan-Yuan Lai (賴冠源), this VR documentary comes courtesy of Taiwanese production company Serendipity Films (綺影映畫) and French studio Atlas V, and includes Arte, BBC, Luxembourg’s Fang Films and Taiwan’s PTS (台灣公共電視) as producers. This episode, which follows a previous documentary short on American filmmaker Abel Ferrara, gives internationally-acclaimed filmmaker Tsai Ming-liang the opportunity to narrate an untold story from his childhood.

Tsai was pleased by the episode’s selection and recently delved into more detail on the process behind its production, stating that “The biggest difference between this project and my other VR production, ‘The Deserted (
家在蘭若寺),’ is that I am now in front of the camera instead of being behind it. I shared my story and my body as assets for the story. Through the delicate production and visual technology, I am still a little nervous about the final look but hope it turns out to be the great project I think it can be.”

“Missing Pictures Episode 2: Tsai Ming-liang” is also supported by Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA, 台灣文化內容策進院)’s Immersive Content Grant for International Co-funding or Co-Productions. Moreover, TAICCA provided its IP Lab’s 4DViews volumetric video capturing studio to the production team to capture Tsai’s facial expressions and gestures during the interview. All of the images, as well as the narrative, were recreated in animation and then placed in the scene.

In response to the film’s success, TAICCA Chairperson Ting Hsiao-Ching (丁曉菁) noted that “It is wonderful to see Immersive Content Grant recipients enter competitions and deliver outstanding performances on the global stage. We hope this opportunity will encourage more international co-production and co-funding projects for more amazing Taiwanese content to be seen worldwide.”

The film, alongside other 10 works, will be presented for the Tribeca Immersive: Virtual Arcade program. According to Tribeca’s official website, the program is viewable “through the Museum of Other Realities to those who have an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality users.” The 2021 Tribeca Film Festival will run from June 9 to June 20 in a hybrid format.

For more information, please visit the following website:

Photos courtesy of Serendipity Films

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